I'm actually speaking up here for the very first time, although I'm nervous. I've been told my whole career, 'If you speak out about this, no one is ever going to hire you and you'll be called a trouble-maker.'


—  Kathy Griffin

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—  Kathy Griffin

"We get to work because we are chosen. And that choice is often skewed by prejudices."

—  Jobeth Williams

We want to see people our age on screen; we want to see stories about people our age. I think we need to make noise about it.


"As a woman – as a black woman – I look to activists to help me understand what I can do...where I can stand.  As an artist, I look to my work and to my art and try to change the culture through that. To push and extend boundaries in that way."

—  Lynn Whitfield

In life, as you get older you get wiser. But in Hollywood, you also tend to get less work. 


—  Michael Lindsay-Hogg

The sad fact is: Aging scares us. As people working in the industry – whose collective job it is to tell stories – we have the unique ability to challenge those fears and change those perceptions. We have the responsibility to show that there is value to every stage of life.


— David C Barry, Panel Producer