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One of our goals with this site is to encourage an awareness of ageism, not just as it regards Hollywood, but how it touches each of our lives everyday, in ways we barely notice as well as ways which are – infuriatingly – impossible not to notice. 


Toward that end, here you'll find the beginnings of what will hopefully become a well-curated library on the subject of ageism. Though nascent, and although our primary focus is ageism within the industry, our resources offer up a decent gamut: From short videos and articles (be sure to watch the casting experiment) to more in-depth scholarly research, as well as a feature-length documentary. In short, there's something for every level of curiosity and amount of free time. Admittedly, it's primer, so: if there is a book, article or video that you think warrants a space on our shelves, please feel free to contact us with the suggestion. Similarly, if you have a personal story you'd to share or if you'd like your voice to be heard, particularly on the issue of ageism in Hollywood, then please contact us and we'd be happy to consider including your story on our blog





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