David C. Barry, on the set of "Tinsel's Town"

David C Barry is a producer and writer of both scripted material and live events. He graduated from Rutgers College before attending graduate school at USC’s School of Film and Television. David has written for Academy and Emmy Award winner Ellen Burstyn as well as with BAFTA winner and Tony/Emmy award nominee Michael Lindsay-Hogg, known for being “The Father of the Music Video” for his pioneering work with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.  

Aside from writing and producing the award-winning viral comedy TINSEL’S TOWN, (which he also co-directed with Lindsay-Hogg), David is the writer and producer of that show’s sequel, THE LULLABY LEAGUE, a TV pilot also slated for direction by Michael and which also had a successful stage reading at Strasberg Theater in Los Angeles. 

The project is about a group of veteran Hollywood actresses whose lives are upended when a world-famous reality star is sentenced to do community service in their retirement home.  That star is Tinsel Townsend from TINSEL'S TOWNTHE LULLABY LEAGUE is a project that finally tackles an age-old question: What would happen if Kim Kardashian was forced to move in with The Golden Girls?  Answer: Lots.

In addition to writing filmed content, David is also a producer of live events and is one of Hollywood’s most outspoken voices against ageism, especially as it relates to women.  David feels a responsibility as a writer to populate his stories with people of all ages and all points of view. 

We hear familiar sayings like 'grow old and die' and accept them as one-sided truisms. Why don't we also hear 'grow old and live'? That seems far truer to me and gives us all something to look forward to other than a funeral. 
– David C. Barry, Panel Producer

Robyn Rosenfeld has spent most of her career producing, distributing, and overseeing international sales for feature films and television.


As Vice President of High Line Pictures and Sovereign Films, Rosenfeld most recently Executive Produced the feature film, EFFIE GRAY, written by Emma Thompson and starring Dakota Fanning, Emma Thompson,and Julie Walters. She also oversaw International Sales for the acclaimed documentary JODOROWSKY’S DUNE for City Film, which received a nomination for Best Documentary from the National Board of Review and was also listed on Oscars Documentary Feature Short List for 2014. She is currently working on the upcoming feature film, TUNNELS OF CU CHI written by Gary Trudeau.


Rosenfeld also Executive Produced HBO’s CREATURE FEATURES, an original series of five Primetime Movies, which premiered in 2001.


Non- profit work includes Board of Directors - Dance Camera West, an annual Dance Media Festival that supports Dance films. Rosenfeld also served for three years on the event planning committee for the fundraiser DANCING FOR NED on behalf of the Cedars Sinai Women’s Cancer Research team.


Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Rosenfeld received her B.A.in English Literature from The Colorado College in Colorado Springs.

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