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One of our goals with the panel as well as this site is to reframe ageism as a diversity issue, from something that affects "them" to something that will – and does – affect us all. Our objective is to encourage a general awareness of ageism, not just in Hollywood, but in all our lives, everyday, in ways we barely notice as well as ways that are infuriatingly impossible not to notice.


Below you'll find links to some resources on ageism there is lots to read, including: our own Panel PDF; the W.H.O's report on ageism; the latest USC Annenberg Inclusive Initiative, a study of diversity (including age) in film and TV; and a study by The Institute on Aging about how our individual perceptions about age and aging have a direct and, as it turns out, quantifiable impact on our longevity. Put simply: the less you fear aging, the longer you'll live. And not just a few months longer. The study found that those who had a positive view of aging lived a full 7.5 years longer than those whose views of aging were negative.  And another of our the goals – to help challenge and change these perceptions, to alleviate these fears – and the stigmas – associated with aging, so that we can live not only happier lives, but (as it has now been proven) longer ones as well.  


For more content, be sure to visit our video library as well as our blog. If there is a video or an article you think should be included in any of these resources, please contact us.




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