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This event sold out instantly. People know that getting older is different from the way it's portrayed in popular culture, in advertising and in the media. That's why the room is full. That's why people are ready for the conversation.


—  Author/Activist Ashton Applewhite


The Panel on Ageism in Hollywood was covered by The Los Angeles Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Vanity Fair, PBS, Deadline, Broadway World and The Insider. The evening was live-streamed by Popwrapped, whose Lane Twins also interviewed some of our panelists before the event began.

We're hoping that the sold-out panel's broad and diverse press coverage is an indication that ageism is an issue whose time has come, that it can acknowledged and discussed as the diversity issue it is, and with a candor that admits the problem isn't one that vaguely and generally exists "out there", but one that specifically lives right here – in our Hollywood bubble. 

Click the player window below to watch interviews with some of the panelists, who were interviewed prior to the event to find out why the issue of Ageism was important to them. 

Photo Gallery

Click below to watch The Insider's "Inside Story" segment on the Ageism in Hollywood panel and how the issues discussed affect not just the panelists, but the industry as a whole. 

To watch clips from the panel on Ageism in Hollywood, click on the button below. 


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